Our Services

We are proud to be a firm whose innovative thinking, thorough planning and execution of ideas, separates us from our competitors, resulting in fresh solutions, and most importantly, happy clients.

We design accounting systems and controls to ensure the accuracy of financial information. We also undertake an evaluation of existing accounting controls and systems, and provide recommendations to improve them greatly.
Our fucus is on posting and maintaining accounting records to prepare a trial balance, compiling financial statements as well as administration relating to CIPC submissions.
We work alongside your audit firm to comply with Section 90 of the Companies Act with respect to the compilation of financial statements as well as help you get audit-ready by taking the workload off your team to collate information and documents for the audit team.

In an environment where tax legislation is continuously changing, every industry needs innovative tax consulting services. We advise our clients on how to structure their affairs in a tax-efficient way: from the general activities of the business, down to specific requirements. We’re able to offer the best advice by establishing an open relationship with you, the client and gaining a thorough understanding of your business.

Our services include:
• Preparation and submission of all tax returns required by SARS (Individuals & Companies)
• Registration of all taxes are required by SARS
• Application for import and export licences
• Tax Planning
• Assisting clients with SARS audits

We offer you internal audit, external audit/review and audit-ready services. This involves being able to help you from getting ready for an audit to reduce overrun costs, to being able to perform the audit and provide you with the necessary assurance you need. We also offer agreed upon procedures and factual findings reports tailored to suit your needs.

We design strategies to help you innovate, grow, reduce costs and leverage talent. We also help you plan, execute and deliver value and ensure success in the long-term. This is done by creating sustainable solutions that work directly for you.
At Akram & Peer (CA) SA, we help you reduce your operating costs through strategic restructuring and implementing the necessary cost reduction initiatives that will deliver long-term sustainable savings.

Our vision is to create a business model for you that is interest-free and Shariah-compliant where required and to apply innovative tactics for working capital management to remove the interest factor from your business.

We also assist you with due diligence investigations for mergers and acquisitions as well as valuations of part of, or the whole business.

With the proliferation of white-collar crime, it’s essential that businesses conduct regular risk assessment reviews and internal audits to establish any weaknesses in business processes, which makes them susceptible to fraud and corruption. We engage with you to provide the following services:

• Performing a “business walk-through” to physically visualise your business and its processes
• Documenting the control systems and processes
• Evaluating the system controls documented versus the physical controls implemented
• Making recommendations to improve systems and controls based on our findings taking into account the current economic environment

Every business has a unique set of challenges and problems. The family business is no different. Many of these problems exist in most professional environments, but they can be exaggerated in a family-controlled business. This is further exacerbated when aligning to specific religious laws and regulations in estate planning.
Common challenges identified include lack of sufficient succession planning and exit strategies, identification of new leadership communication with the next generation.
In order to ensure that a sustainable family business is created, we focus on the following important factors:

• The current environment and the family’s unique situation is understood
• Future building blocks are formalised
• Different scenarios are considered to address stakeholder requirements
• Designing shareholder agreements

We help clients plan their estate for future distribution to ensure that fairness: religious succession law or preferences are adhered to. An important aspect that is sometimes forgotten is that of taxes and duties as well as existing plans whereby sufficient cash flow is required at the time of distribution to avoid liquidation of key assets.

We can help clients put the documents and plans in place to help ensure a smooth and efficient process by the executors of the estate.
For your benefit, we work together with our professional team to understand and address complex legal, financial and family issues. We also do the administration and winding up of deceased estates or trusts, as executors or as agents of nominated executors.

The result is soundly planned and implemented estate planning strategies that offer you:

• Preparation of a Will (Basic, Shariah or other)
• Ensuring distribution of the estate in terms of the relevant law of succession
• Certainty in the fulfilment of your wishes
• Tax-efficient transfer of the control of your wealth
• Reduced potential for interference from disgruntled claimants
• Protection for beneficiaries in need

Property management can be an administrative nightmare. With our top of the range software, administrative point of view and dedicated personnel, we make property management easy and hassle-free.
Where there are investment opportunities, we act as a direct link for investors.

So, if you need financing or to understand the value of your property, we offer you:
• Registration of companies or trusts and maintaining records
• Preparation and submission of all tax including VAT returns required by SARS
• Posting and maintaining accounting records and financial statements as well as administration relating to CIPC submissions
• Designing leases as well as monitoring and following up on renewals
• We invoice debtors and monitor payments
• We can help you set up financing models in terms of applicable religious frameworks or bring together potential alliances between investors.
• Valuation of properties and due diligence

About Us

The company was established in October 2010, when the partners, Haroun Peer CA (SA) and Nazir Ahmed Akram CA (SA) founded the firm, Akram & Peer Chartered Accountants South Africa. It is a modern and unique business solutions firm with its head office situated in Newcastle, Northern KwaZulu-Natal and branches in Johannesburg, Gauteng and Polokwane, Limpopo.