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We aspire to empower small and medium enterprises which provide customers with value, suppliers with a route to market, society with responsible behaviour, government with additional tax collections and shareholders with positive returns on investments.

Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) is and essential mechanism to meet and embrace the objectives set out in the Broad-Based BEE Act. ESD measures initiatives implemented with the intention of assisting and accelerating the development and sustainability of qualifying enterprises, thereby facilitating economic participation by black people, women and disabled.

With such a diverse range of skills spread across our well-versed team, our cor services we offer you are:

We design accounting systems and controls to ensure the accuracy of financial information.

We offer you internal audit, external audit/review and audit-ready services.

We design strategies to help you innovate, grow, reduce costs and leverage talent.

With the proliferation of white-collar crime, it’s essential that businesses conduct regular risk assessment reviews and internal audits to establish any weaknesses in business processes, which makes them susceptible to fraud and corruption.

Every business has a unique set of challenges and problems. The family business is no different.

We help clients plan their estate for future distribution to ensure that fairness: religious succession law or preferences are adhered to.

In an environment where tax legislation is continuously changing, every industry needs innovative tax consulting services.

Property management can be an administrative nightmare. With our top of the range software, administrative point of view and dedicated personnel, we make property management easy and hassle-free.